Today, Italy says “NO!”

Today in Italy is dedicated to the fight against violence against women. My child prepared this card in class with the teacher and gave it to me this morning!

“Women are created from a man’s rib, not from his feet to be trampled, not from his head to surpass, but from the side to be equal, from under the arm to be protected, close to the heart to be loved.”

106 women have died at the hands of men just this year in Italy, and the majority of these women were killed by people close to them. Italy is far from being the only country facing this issue, which is even more horrifying.

“The reasons for violence?” This is where the main problem lies! We still want to understand why someone killed, why someone beat a woman. The truth is that there is no justification for such actions.

How often do you hear?

“A man beaten to death by his wife because he looked at another woman the wrong way.”

“A man beaten to death by his wife because he cheated on her.”

“A man beaten to death by his girlfriend because he broke up with her.”

“A woman raped a man because he looked provocative.”

“A man beaten to death by his wife because he’s always arguing.”

“A man beaten to death by his wife because he PROVOKED!!!”

PROVOKED! This is often the justification for violence against women!

And it all starts with us. With our families and how we raise our children!

We can’t bring back the women who have died, but we can change the future. And we must start with how we raise our children:

NEVER justify violence! Any violence!

Don’t think your children are too young for certain conversations! From the moment you gave your child a phone or other internet access, they know more than you can imagine! The question is… what harm can this information cause without your intervention?

Explain as much as you can to your children. Give them enough knowledge to filter incoming information.

Be closer to your children and try to understand their mood, their behavior. Don’t idealize your children just because they are yours. Children need maximum attention, especially when they start growing up. Hormonal growth is the most delicate and complex.

And in conclusion…

Men, set an example for your boys, and the best example is love. Your love for their mother! There is never too much love… be more patient… and don’t show weakness in behavior just because you are physically stronger! Because aggression is a manifestation of WEAKNESS, not strength!

And mothers, explain to your girls that there is no justification for violence, and at the first sign of aggression, they should run and not think about what others will say, forgive, or understand! 

And WOMEN, if there is violence in your family, leave! Leave for YOURSELF and for your future! TAKE CARE of yourself! You are beautiful! It’s not your fault! You just weren’t lucky!

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