Nothing brings people together like good food!

Hello there!

I firmly believe that good food brings people together, and I’m delighted to welcome you to my world, which is very close to my heart. Allow me to introduce myself.

I was an 18-year-old girl when I left my hometown of Riga, where I was born and raised, and headed to Ireland in search of work and experience. I started out as a hotel maid and then moved on to become a receptionist.

At the age of 21, I felt the need for a change, and that’s when I moved to Italy. It was there that I entered the fashion industry, studied, and worked. This period marked the start of a new and most important stage of my life – the creation of a family. I met my future husband, got married, had children, and welcomed my beloved dog, Lota, into our home.

“Xenia, what did you do in fashion?” That’s a question I often get asked, and the answer is that I mostly managed stores of big brands like FENDI, Jimmy Choo, and Prada, among others. However, I started out as a salesperson.

Eighteen years later, I felt the need for change once again, and that’s when I left the fashion industry and discovered my new love for cooking. While I continue to work in PR, I now also run a blog where I share my knowledge of Italian cuisine and talk about my family’s life.

The blog was born in November 2017, during a work hiatus when I felt the urge to do something creative. That’s when I decided to start an Instagram page, even though I wasn’t sure what to share at first. But my love for experimentation and my “why not?” attitude prompted me to continue. And so began my new challenge: cheeses, Lievito Madre, Biga, pizza… The level slowly grew, and so did the number of subscribers. And as our family grew, so did our waistlines! By the time I returned to work, blogging had become an integral part of my life.

Now I’m on the cusp of change again, and I hope that the website you’re visiting now is just the beginning.

Everything I share here is incredibly important to me, as it’s a reflection of my love for my work and for those for whom I write – my family, friends, and readers.I know my blog isn’t perfect – I make silly mistakes and sometimes write without a deeper meaning. However, my aim is to convey my emotions and my love… My love for family, home comforts, and a crackling fireplace. For the quiet of the morning, the scent of freshly baked goods, and hot coffee. For the sound of sizzling oil in a frying pan, bubbling sauce, and clinking dishes. My love for markets and their scents and colors – even the noise they 

create! I want to share my love for Italy, its cuisine, traditions, and family feasts – noisy and very tasty.

Ultimately, my goal is to share my love with all of you ❤️.

Homemade Donuts

Homemade Donuts

You will need: To start, dissolve sugar and yeast in slightly warm water (use a

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