November 4, 2023, Day 14: Challenge

Here it is… that familiar feeling that follows every exciting beginning. (Beginning here) It happens to me practically every time I start something new, especially if this NEW thing begins with tremendous enthusiasm.

Whether it’s a new project, job, sport, or even the smallest things, the initial reaction can be compared to an explosion of emotions… the first few days bring a wagon of happiness, and in my mind, there’s a phrase spinning around, “This time everything will be different!” in the background sounds some super motivating music… and in my head, there’s an image of Rocky running up the steps of a massive staircase 💪.

All of this lasts for about a week or a little more. During this time, I am filled with a tremendous amount of ideas, and my enthusiasm, at first glance, seems unbeatable.


What happens next?


Exactly, NOTHING!

And what can really happen in just one week?

And it’s at this moment that I start to deflate, like a balloon losing air.

Maybe the reason lies in the fast-paced present, where it seems like everything is happening super quickly? Perhaps it’s the illusion created by social media and the flow of information? Or maybe, I simply don’t know how to plan and measure my emotional approach to any changes and endeavors?

Something tells me I’m not alone.

Funny how I stumbled upon these words just these days… I recommend printing them out and sticking them in the most visible place to avoid each of these points.

Thoughts and habits not conducive to the work:

• Believing you’re not good enough.

• Feeling you don’t have the energy it takes.

• Mistaking adopted rules for absolute truths.

• Not wanting to do the work (laziness).

• Not taking the work to its highest expression (settling).

• Having goals so ambitious that you can’t begin.

• Thinking you can only do your best work in certain conditions.

• Requiring specific tools or equipment to do the work.

• Abandoning a project as soon as it gets difficult.

• Feeling like you need permission to start or move forward.

• Letting a perceived need for funding, equipment, or support get in the way.

• Having too many ideas and not knowing where to start.

• Never finishing projects.

• Blaming circumstances or other people for interfering with your process.

• Romanticizing negative behaviors or addictions.

• Believing a certain mood or state is necessary to do your best work.

• Prioritizing other activities and responsibilities over your commitment to making art.

• Distractibility and procrastination.

• Impatience.

• Thinking anything that’s out of your control is in your way.

And here comes that moment! The balloon started losing air…

The moment when you want to see even a small result, perhaps get some validation… Occasionally, you want to say to someone, “Blink if I’m moving in the right direction!” and get some kind of sign… But unfortunately, no one will give me that information… Well, maybe except for a fortune teller, but I don’t believe in them… So, that’s not an option either)))

All that’s left is to give myself a kick and move forward, trusting my choice.

Meanwhile, autumn has arrived here… rain, wind, chill…

My morning runs have become a real challenge, but I’m not giving up. I still haven’t started the promised diet, but I’ve started drinking a lot more water. Every new rule in my daily routine now becomes a goal to extend!

My learning course is progressing successfully, and even though the books are moving a bit slower, I keep pushing myself, saying, “I promise you that one fine day you’ll suddenly realize that you’re amazing! But for now — onward!”.

What do I want to say with all this?!

Don’t set ambitious plans for yourself that you can’t handle! Set small goals and move forward, increasing them gradually!

To be continued…

List of rules from the book: “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin

For motivation for change, I recommend the book: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

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