Sulmona is older then Rome

Today, I will tell you a little about the region where we are and the city where my husband is from!

The region is called Abruzzo and it is located in the central part of Italy. My husband is from the city of Sulmona, which is surrounded by mountains. However, the region is rich not only in mountains but also in the sea, lakes, a national park with wolves and other wildlife inhabitants. The landscapes here are very picturesque, and the cuisine is amazing!

Sulmona is home to about 25,000 people and is older than Rome! Therefore, a huge number of tourists come here with pleasure. The poet Ovidio was also born in this city. Sulmona is famous for its delicious red garlic and confetti. Confetti are originally made of almonds and sugar, but now there are other variations, such as chocolate, raisins, and other types of nuts. The history of Sulmona’s confetti dates back about 250 years. Confetti is a symbol of luck and prosperity and is usually given to guests at weddings, christenings, and first communions. Even the English Queen orders confetti from Sulmona for important family events.

Speaking of Abruzzo, one cannot fail to mention Arrosticini! Many people will think of this type of meat preparation as a barbecue, but in fact, they are completely different in taste… they are only united by the method of preparation… both are exclusively grilled on charcoal 😉 Arrosticini is one of the synonyms for Abruzzo… They embody traditions, mountains, and shepherds… everything that can characterize the history of local residents… even in the north of Italy, if you offer Arrosticini to guests, their eyes will light up… it will be an unusual dish for northerners, but a favorite… a unique delicacy!

At present, it is very easy to purchase Arrosticini all over the world… There are factories that produce semi-finished products and distribute orders worldwide… but of course, the most delicious Arrosticini are those that are manually cut and can be found in Abruzzo in restaurants and pizzerias where you can really enjoy this dish… and if you go to the mountains, you will find mountain huts where you will be served with insanely delicious local cuisine in a very simple atmosphere.

So, how and from what are Arrosticini made? Let me explain – these are pieces of meat threaded onto small wooden skewers that are 25-30 cm long… each piece of meat is in the form of a cube, approximately 1 cm on each side… in this case, meat from castrated lamb or goat meat is used… the meat is not marinated and spices are practically not used, but in some cases, pepper and rosemary soaked in olive oil are used. And there is also a very tasty option – Arrosticini made from beef liver! These Arrosticini are usually alternated with pieces of onion, and believe me, if you like liver, it is very delicious!

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