Italy is more interesting on foot - A morning walk through the countryside

Woke up early yesterday morning...

...And I wake up no later than 7:00 am now, don't ask me why 🙈😁 probably age-related 🤔🤣 But I have to admit... This new habit I really like, as early morning is my favorite time of day.
The silence in the apartment, the sun streaming through the window shutters, the springtime birdsong... And the coffee... Oh God, that aroma and the noise of the boiling coffee machine... I think at a certain point I even smile to myself❤️

☀️But back to yesterday morning😁Waking up, I immediately got dressed, drank a cup of coffee, stuck my favorite music headphones in my ears and ran for a walk to the nearby town of Pacentro... to the mountains, to the mountains, to the mountains...
The walk is 9 km, but with these views you can stomp endlessly. On a Sunday morning the roads are empty, but not the fields... work is in full swing... tilling the land, preparing the olive groves and vineyards for the new season, people working in the fields greeting smiling, giving the feeling of total positivity and beating life... Well of course the aromas... fires, fireplaces, freshly plowed land, nature coming alive... birdsong is so loud that even your favorite music in headphones is subdued🤫

And, of course, the shepherds and their docile and insanely fluffy white dogs running around the cattle... the pastures are already filled with babies... they bounce around ridiculously, playing with each other, and are eager for the milk of the mother goats❤️
It's all mesmerizing and energizing...
This time I got to know everyone I could 🙈 ... In Italy the people are friendly ... they are hospitable and overflowing with pride in their land. Just say hello and ask how you're doing and you'll find yourself at their home with a cup of coffee in your hands 🤣 And only when you leave their house you wonder "how is that even possible?"🤣

That's exactly what happened to me yesterday... After chatting with the shepherd and admiring from the heart the goats that had just been born, I ran up to Pacentro. And I met a local family by chance... They greeted me friendly and started chatting about absolutely nothing😁 Sharing their good mood and hearing a foreign accent, they immediately invited me to admire the mesmerizing view from their home terrace. And when they saw the admiration on my face, they immediately demanded that I come inside as well - because the view from the window is even better! How can I explain what I saw... the only thing I can say is "it took my breath away and gave me goosebumps all over my skin"... It's moments like that when you realize that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

The next thing was better 🤣 I told him I heard about a shepherd who has a tiny little restaurant and home made cheeses, sausages... aaaaah... 🤣 And then it went on and on! The word FRIENDS in small towns in Italy is key 👌❤️ And this time it wasn't without them... The owners quickly told me how to find Giocondo... you won't believe it, but that's the name of this shepherd... and told me to stop by... no matter what! 🤣 And be sure to say that I am from Beatrice😁
At that point, I was already so adrenaline-fuelled that I practically broke in 🤣... there were keys sticking out of the door and no one answered, but I went in anyway🙈

A picture of a fairy tale opened before me... silence, voices came from somewhere far away... I found myself in a large and very comfortable room, arranged in Italian rustic style: with a huge lit fireplace, a large dining table of incredible character and... oh God!.. the ceiling, hung with dried meat, sausages and spicy peppers. Cheeses everywhere, homemade drinks in beautiful oblong bottles, jars with unusual preparations... I was finally overwhelmed by a wave of total happiness...
After a couple of seconds the hostess came out to me with a big smile on her face... I apologized for the intrusion, but before I could wake up and say a few words, I was already being led into the kitchen, telling and showing their small and so cozy production... and with every word she said, my eyes got bigger, my heart was beating faster... and I could not believe that I was not seeing all this on TV! 😁
In the kitchen I met the young guys (her children and the children's friends), who were happy to give me a lot of information... because, as it turned out, they are the main helpers in the house...

Of course I was offered coffee here as well, but at this point I was out of my mind🙈🤣 I filmed everything I could and promised to come back! And I will definitely be back...because not only do they organize tastings of all the things they make themselves 🙈, with them you can also learn how to make numerous cheeses and in general watch the whole process...from milking to the finished product... participate in all kinds of workshops on the local cuisine... and also... and also... 🤣 they can show you the most beautiful places not only in Pacentro, but also in the mountains... Such a treasure I discovered in just one day yesterday...

And finally leaving (reluctantly) their house, I jogged very quickly around town, had another coffee... ran in for carrots 🙈😁
By this time it was time for me to go home to my hungry family 🤣 (another 9 km walk), but on the way I stopped by with a gift from my new friend Ilda.

I met her owner 10 days ago ... An elderly man was walking Ilda in a small arena ... In fact, this horse (formerly a racehorse) belongs to his son, and she repeatedly took part in local festivities ...
But about that next time❤️

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  1. Xenia I adore you, your family! Italy is my favorite country, I dream of when I get there, when I decided then, came the nasty pandemic. Italy had already opened, but then another era came, where we were blocked all the way. For a long time invited Naples, but we are not discouraged Hope dies last. Thank you for pleasing us ❤️🙏🏻🍷

  2. Very colorful , interesting , tasteful in every way. Thank you for the opportunity to see beauty in simple🙏👌❤ Very colorful, interesting, tasteful in every way. Thank you for the opportunity to see the beauty in the simple🙏👌❤

  3. How beautiful it is! You read it and the picture comes alive in front of your eyes! Ksenia, write more!

  4. How cool are you!!!! Truly they say "seeing and seeing are different things". I love 🥰 Italy "through your eyes". Madly missing 😭 ... Amazing energy, sensitive soul ... - all this helps you to see, discover, create and share this simple, but so real world, beauty! ❤️ Looking forward to continuing
    That's what you were doing the 10k runs for! 😂

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