Summer Minestrone - Recipe

You will need:

80g Carrots

80g Onions

150g Zucchini

330g Potatoes



60g Celery

350g Fresh tomatoes

200g Beans

250g Pumpkin (I did not use)

Olive oil

150g Pareille onions

300g Cauliflower or Broccoli

200g Green peas


Laurel leaf


  • First, peel and slice your vegetables into small cubes.
  • Soak the beans in advance or as you can do as I did - cook them in a pressure cooker (but leave some of the liquid from the beans for the soup)
  • First, pour olive oil into a pot and fry the onion, carrot and celery over medium heat until soft.
  • Now add the beans, bay leaf and water (so that it covers all the vegetables)
  • Once the water comes to a boil, add the pumpkin and add more water as needed.
  • Once the water boils again, add the potatoes and cauliflower.
  • Now put the lid on and let simmer for about 25 minutes.
  • Then add the zucchini, green peas, tomatoes, and if you have spinach, add it too.
  • Then salt and pepper.
  • Cook for about 5 more minutes.
  • You can finish by adding the parmesan crust for a thicker consistency.
  • Serve with a little olive oil.
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